50×50 North Dakota

Jeff was invited to do a piece for his homestate of North Dakota in the 50×50 state motto series and this is the fruit of his labor.

Click here for a larger version so you can read all the dorky facts Jeff pulled out for this one!

Check out all the other great state motto designs at http://statemottosproject.com/


  1. alchemic ale says:

    favorite of the series so far; elegant and simple and deep. was fun and worthwhile inspecting each part of the flake; not in the least because godheadSilo are band that all other states should envy!

  2. Michael Sund says:

    I was more than a little worried about the NoDak design, being a native myself, but this is pitch perfect. I brag about it a lot but no one believes. It took forever to get to our state but I’m glad you took you’re time to do it right. Thanks for this.

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